Strawberry Headbands

Strawberry Headbands

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Scen-ties Headbands, Girls Hair Accessories, Strawberry, 3 Ct

    • 3 pink and red headbands

    • Strawberry scent lasts 8 – 12 months

    • Flexible and strong cloth hair ties - great for kids hair


Keep your tween’s hair out of their face with Scenties Headbands! 

These strawberry scented headbands come in a pack of 3 super scented, pink and red headbands to brighten up any hairstyle! 

Great for school, sports, and trading with friends! These headbands pair perfectly with Watermelon Hair Ties

How Do Scen-ties Headbands Work?

Scenties is the first in the game to introduce scented headbands and hair ties that double as accessories, or TOYCESSORIES as we like to call them! 

Each headband is microencapsulated with your favorite scents. All you have to do is stretch ‘em, sniff ‘em, wear ‘em, and share ‘em! 

Tug the cute fabric tag attached to the headbands to release the super sweet strawberry scent. 

Looking for inspiration? Follow Scenties on instagram and share your #scenties hairstyles with us!