Sour Apple Hair Ties

Sour Apple Hair Ties

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Scen-ties Hair Ties, Scented Hair Accessories, Sour Apple, 5 Ct

    • 5 pink and green scented hair ties 

    • Microencapsulated with sour apple fragrance

    • Scent lasts 8 – 12 months

    • Flexible and thin cloth hair ties - great for kids hair


Perk up your ponytail with Scenties Sour Apple Hair Ties! 

These adorable pink and green hair ties come in a pack of 5, perfect for adding a touch of color and sass to your hairstyle and outfit. 

Collect all 7 scents to mix and match, wear as bracelets and trade with your friends!

We love to pair our Sour apple hair ties with bubble gum ... POP!

How Do Scen-Ties Hair Accessories Work?

Scenties hair accessories or TOYCESSORIES are the first in the world of children’s accessories to double for hair and outfit AND bring sweet scents to your little ones. 

Each hair tie is micro-encapsulated with a sour apple smell, all you have to do is pull the cute fabric tag attached the tie and enjoy the sour sweet apple aroma! 

 Stretch ‘em, Sniff ‘em, Wear ‘em, Share ‘em - Tag ‘em! Follow #scenties hairstyles on Instagram.