Strawberry Hair Ties


Scen-ties Hair Ties, Scented Hair Accessories, Strawberry, 5 Ct

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Step your style up with Scen-Ties strawberry scented hair ties!

Add them to your favorite hairstyle, or double them as bracelets for your little fashionista!

Each package comes with 5 red and pink hair ties, micro-encapsulated with a sweet strawberry scent.

Collect all 7 fun scents to mix and match and trade with friends!

Double up and add our watermelon hair accessories for the ultimate summer hairstyle!

How Do Scen-Ties Hair Ties Work?

Scen-ties is the first to introduce a new category for children we like to call TOYCESSORIES – an accessory that is also a fun, interactive toy! A sweet twist on the classic elastic hair tie that doubles as a bracelet, Scen-Ties adds a tiny fabric tag micro-encapsulated with all your favorite scents.

Tug on the cute printed tag to release a strawberry sweet aroma sure to surprise and excite your friends! 

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Weight 1 oz